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? About CCSA
? What is the Staff Auxiliary?
The Staff Auxiliary is the association of the spouses of the Cleveland Clinic's Professional Staff. It consists of a group of approximately 2.000 spouses of physicians and Ph.D. researchers.

What is the Board?
The Board is a group of volunteers from the Staff Auxiliary who organize and run the Auxiliary's social and fundraising events. (See Board Member Positions below.) The Board is responsible for bringing the professional staff together, for fostering a sense of community, and for recognizing and celebrating the staff.

What does the Board do?
The Board welcomes and assists new families of the CCF staff, organizes social activities, promotes philanthropic projects, and provides educational presentations. The Board meets monthly for about an hour. Committees meet as needed.

See our Events page for the many activities the board organizes. In addition to running these fundraisers and social events for Cleveland Clinic Foundation professional staff and spouses, the Board publishes a newsletter periodically and hosts a website to keep all Auxiliary members informed of our past and future events.

How are funds used?
Funds raised at various events benefit the Legacy Fund at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

How can I join a committee or become a board member?
Email a board member on the Contact Us page. See the Volunteer page for details on participating in the Auxiliary's activities.

Board Member Positions

This person presides at all meetings of the Staff Auxiliary and Executive Board. The President develops the yearly meeting schedule; consults the Office of Staff Affairs, as needed; assists Chairs and their committees; develops and maintains healthy working relationships within the Executive Board and with persons involved with Board activities.
To be eligible for president, the candidate should have been on the Executive board for at least one year at some point in time.

This person assumes the duties of the Presidency in the absence of the President or at her/his request, and she/he assists the President in promoting the work of the Staff Auxiliary. The VP reviews the Bylaws, Board Guidelines and Position Descriptions every three years to assure compliance and appropriateness. As necessary, the Vice President revises and submits these documents for a Board majority vote of approval. In the event of a vacancy in the Presidency, the Vice President becomes President to complete the term.

This person keeps minutes of all meetings and is responsible for the correspondence of the Executive Board. She/he sends copies of the minutes to all Board members following the monthly meetings and forwards any written material distributed during meetings to absent Board members.

This person receives and banks the petty cash fund, and keeps an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements. She/he submits an annual financial record to the President, who assists the Treasurer in preparing the annual statement.

This person forms a committee and arranges the social functions sponsored by the Staff Auxiliary for the Professional Staff and/or Spouses/significant others of The Cleveland Clinic, specifically the Annual Spring Luncheon in May. The Entertainment Chair facilitates the invitation process, contacts the Office of Staff Affairs for current mailing addresses, selects invitations, and handles RSVPs. This person contacts the InterContinental Hotel Catering Manager and coordinates the event theme, decoration, music, and menu. Additionally, the Entertainment Chair works with the Philanthropy Chair in organizing the Spring Luncheon Legacy Fund donations. The Entertainment Chair requests all creditors submit their bills to the Controller of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation along with a copy sent to the Chair. This person provides a monthly update to the Board and writes articles for the newsletter and the website as needed.

This person welcomes all new Staff spouses/significant others upon their arrival and promotes fellowship by organizing events of interest. The Welcome Chair coordinates with the Office of Staff Affairs, and provides information about the Staff Auxiliary to newcomers. This person monitors the Welcome email account for inquiries and responds accordingly. This person provides a monthly update to the Board and writes articles for the newsletter and the website as needed.

This person works with the Board and external organizations in coordinating the Spring Luncheon Legacy Fund donations. The Philanthropy Chair oversees The Legacy Fund by obtaining information about various Cleveland Clinic projects, making recommendations to the Board as to the support of specific projects, and dispersing monies accordingly. The Philanthropy Chair keeps a relationship with the Cleveland Clinic Volunteer Services Department, and promotes our tradition of service. This person provides a monthly update to the Board and writes articles for the newsletter and the website as needed.

This person creates and publishes the newsletter. The Editor solicits articles from the Board to be included in the upcoming newsletter, establishes a deadline date for articles to be submitted by Board members, reviews and edits articles, writes articles as needed, drafts the newsletter, distributes a draft to the Board for review, and submits it for publishing to the Website Chair.

This person maintains the Staff Auxiliary website, which includes but is not limited to: posting information about upcoming events, posting the newsletters, keeping Board member information updated, maintaining and adding sections as needed, and responding to email inquiries directed to the Webmaster. This person provides updates to the Board as needed.

This person promotes, organizes and keeps in contact with the male spouses/significant others of the Cleveland Clinic Staff Auxiliary. Historically, a small number of our physician spouses were men. With a growing population of male spouses, the Executive Club was established in 2008 to promote their involvement. Activities are planned, promoted to our target members, and executed within our budget. Activities planned are approved by the Board. This person provides a monthly update to the Board, and writes articles for the newsletter and website, as needed.

Staff Auxiliary Committees

This committee shall be responsible for obtaining information on funding needs within the Cleveland Clinic and making recommendations to the Philanthropy Chair.

This committee shall be responsible for organizing the Annual Spring Luncheon, selling tickets at the luncheon, and making recommendations to the Entertainment Chair.