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Resources for Newcomers

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Clinic Health Resources

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Additional Clinic Resources for CCF Spouses
  • Health Plan: Spouses have many health benefits, including participation in the Healthy Choice program for lower insurance premiums as well as in the Wellness Programs. ... more info

  • Back-Up Care Program: The Clinic has a program for child-care that employees can use in emergency situations. ... more info

  • Parking: Spouses park for free at the Cleveland Clinic. ... more info

  • Staff Directory: A directory of professional staff is published every year and given to all professional staff in October. ... more info

  • Foundation House: You can host a private event at the historic Foundation House. ... more info

  • Concert Band: You, as well as Clinic volunteers, can play in the Cleveland Clinic Concert Band. ... more info

  • Staff Benefits Phone: 216-444-2316.