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  Restaurants On-Site and Nearby
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au bon pain Buildings A and J, 216.421.8672 and 216.721.6473

C2 Cultural Cuisine InterContinental Hotel Suites, 216.707.4054

Cafeteria Building C, Floor 1, 216.444.9709

Cafeteria Building H

Cedarland 9491 Euclid Avenue, across the street from Cleveland Clinic, 216.791.6606

Chicago Deli 9601 Euclid Avenue, across the street from Cleveland Clinic, 216.229.3354

Citrus InterContinental Hotel Suites Restaurant, 216.707.4333

Douzen Great Hall/Glickman Lobby, 216.636.1308

Food Cart Building J

Garden Café Building P, Floor 1, 216.445.3869

International Café, includes Subway and La Salsa Building H, 216.444.9845

North Coast Café InterContinental Hotel Main Entrance, 216.707.4051

R Bistro Building R, Floor 1, 216.445.3869

Starbucks Building H

Table 45 InterContinental Hotel, 216.707.4045


L'Albatros 11401 Bellflower Rd, 216.791.7880

Tommy's Restaurant Coventry 1824 Coventry Road, 216.321.7757